Flaws? I have a lot of those. A lot of which I don’t normally care about or I don’t know.. It’s just that, okay, there’s my flaw, and oh look, another! And that’s it.

But my most hated flaw in myself is running away. It’s running away from something I know I was happy about or something I wanted. And another is not taking chances or even grabbing them. I, most of the time, let chances pass by. That of which I know it was something I wanted to have or wanted to become or wanted to be a part of.

And yes, I do regret a lot because of those. Tragic flaws, I know.

Anonymous asked:
you're now 16! when was your birthday?

Thank you for noticing anon hehe august 7

"Nobody tried to
know and see what’s inside her.
No one ever knew"


Your arms were around me again
for the first time since 2010
I finally heard your voice once more,
your laugh and saw your smile

You looked better than anything
I have ever seen and knew
You don’t remember me, don’t you?
Because when you looked at me,
I knew it was straight through

I hope you remember me once more
I was so happy with us before

In this puzzle, what should I do

to find the missing piece

that brings me back to you?


21 July 2014

I was asked in Theology class today what’s my purpose in life, what’s the meaning of my existence. By impulse, I answered that my purpose in life is to make my dreams come true. But then I sat down and kept questioning myself that very question. What is my purpose in life?

Until now I’m not sure with this path I’m taking. To be honest, this isn’t what I planned. But maybe this happened for the best. And since I had it planned back then, I knew my purpose. But now, everything seems dark. I don’t know where I’m going. All I know is that I’m moving forward and just letting life happen. Because someday somehow, I will know my purpose, I will know what everything really meant.

But I’m on my way.

Sometimes it’s not about trying to fix something that you know is broken, that you know is gone. Maybe this time it’s about starting all over again and creating something new and better.


Black and white.

It’s so ironic how this place has the comfiest bed and yet the creepiest hallway.