if we had met
untainted -
by life,
by people
who break hearts,
by worn-out promises
and lost dreams,
by years,
time itself,
time of things unsaid -
maybe then
we would have been able to love
the way it counts."

Maybe it’s for the best. Maybe this is where we really are meant to be. Maybe this is right.


The Royal Gourmet’s classy vintage details in squares.

It’s like you’re water and I’m oil.

We can never mix.

We can never become one.

It’s crazy to think how different things are right now. It has become far too different from how it was in the past years. I miss how crazy and reckless I used to be, how I used to be such a risk-taker. It didn’t bother me back then to risk something because I know what I was going to get in return was something I wanted.. or loved. But now, everything’s different. I’m different. I used to be such a thrill-seeker. Now, I’m more of a chill-seeker. I now tend to be someone who’s incredibly worried about what might happen or what I’m supposed to do. Not like how I take risks and countless opportunities and chances back then without a single knowledge of the future ahead of me if I had done it. Risking was something so normal back then and yet, fun. Because I used to have a mind thinking ‘who knows, this might lead to something beautiful and if it does lead to something tragic, oh well I learned my lesson anyway.’ But now.. I don’t even know what to think about.

Chokers x tattoo rings and bracelet


Flaws? I have a lot of those. A lot of which I don’t normally care about or I don’t know.. It’s just that, okay, there’s my flaw, and oh look, another! And that’s it.

But my most hated flaw is running away. It’s running away from something I know I was happy about or something I wanted. And another is not taking chances or even grabbing them. I, most of the time, let chances pass by. That of which I know it was something I wanted to have or wanted to become or wanted to be a part of.

And yes, I do regret a lot because of those. Tragic flaws, I know.

Anonymous asked:
you're now 16! when was your birthday?

Thank you for noticing anon hehe august 7

"Nobody tried to
know and see what’s inside her.
No one ever knew"